DM 7.0 Quanto Life FAQ


Quanto Life FAQ

The most important point to mention here: this is what quantum sciences discovered that observation is creation. They are not yet clear why, so there are many theories. However spiritually speaking our observation causes the observed to get included in the consciousness, and just the touch of consciousness transforms everything, it is the Midas touch that can turn everything into gold.
it is not just the unresolved issues of past that causes us to be born again. High souls take birth again and again too, but not because of unresolved issues but because of cosmic desire to manifest through them. We know about so many avatars of various gods and goddesses , for example Krishna is the reincarnation of Vishnu, rishis were the incarnation of Brahma and gurus are the reincarnation of shiva
Whatever you don’t live fully, without awareness become subconscious. As we bring subconscious into observation, it receives the consciousness again, and it transforms to superconscious.
Physical body through which we experience life Energy body where we have our chakras or energy centres Emotional body where we store all our emotions Causal body stores the causes of all that’s happening in our life. Psychic imprints are one of the causes and hence they are part of our fourth body