In the midst of the lush serenity and idyllic confines of Osho Saraswati, magic happened. Yes, it was nothing short of magic what we lived and experienced as a group embarking on the past life regression journey together.

The journey kick-started with scrumptious breakfast at a joint named Dadanchi Misal, where we helped ourselves to generous portions of their specialty tandoori missal (served in a rustic earthen pot to retain its smoky flavor) , and piping hot vada pav/bhajiyas in the rain.

Post the pet puja, we took off for the renowned Ekveera Devi Mandir and spent unforgettable moments meditating, being still and assimilating the aura of divinity and in this highly sacred space. It took us a while to be move out of that stillness, calmness and balance.

Next, we moved to Karla Caves, where we began the journey into glimpses of our past life. There was again a deep sense of clarity, calmness, insightful revelations and divine magic. Some participants experienced a few flashes from their past, while others imagined being one with divinity.

We invoked the Buddha and felt the eternally serene aura of his spirit throbbing throughout our being. The feeling is beyond words and expressions, and has to be witnessed to be believed. We were completed enveloped in a state of oneness with several divine forces, while experiencing first-hand the magic of nature and divinity. No small coincidence that it rained abundantly while we were climbing our way through stairs to the top. Nature, hand in glove with the divine forces, had indeed showered its blessings on us.

Post lunch, we identified an underlying theme in our life that we wanted to dissolve or gain freedom from. An issue, theme, recurring pattern that posed as a roadblock for our success! What we perceive as roadblocks are often stepping stones to success, and simply gaining an awareness of these blocks can help us transform them for greater success and well-being. I was introduced to the Quanto synthesis technique which involves a combination of scientific principles and spirituality to gain greater awareness of the self and the underlying issue governing the state of one’s self and the experienced we come across or encounter in everyday life. Shivo Sir guided us in the most masterful, gentle and inspiring manner, one step at time as he held skillfully held the reins of our subconscious, helping us discover it one soothing guided step after one.

Amidst the workshops, we enjoyed insightful, non-judgmental (some downright humorous too) and value adding conversations on a variety of topics. I realized we don’t have to agree with or accept every view point but that mustn’t stop us from learning and keeping our minds agile to multiple perspectives. That’s the only way to grow!

Just before falling asleep, we attempted to access the deeper layers of our subconscious to unearth symbols, imagery, signs, dreams, events and patterns that held within themselves mysteriously unlocked clues to our past lives.

I particularly enjoyed the session related to exploring relationships in multiple past lives with invocation of Ma Lakshmi. It helped many of us unlock clues to the relationship patterns prevailing in our current life. I always felt a karmic connection with my partner in this life, taking into account the circumstances we met under and how our paths were never one yet we were meant to be. This is the magic of past life revelations. It leads to unimaginable insights that we struggle to understand, and helps us develop a greater sense of awareness for these patterns. I noticed several patterns from my past life relationships still exist. I was struggling to make sense of many things, including my constant need for seeking approval and acceptance from everyone.  The need to keep everyone pleased and happy, often at the cost of my own happiness!

This underlying need is very distinctly rooted in my past life. I saw several flashes, glimpses, incidents and people who are closely connected with me in the present life. And to think of it, I have never even remotely attempted Past Life Regression before.

People often wonder (and I did at some point too) about how past lives can help us lead a more rewarding, fulfilling and gratifying present life? I was asked several times about my purpose for attending this program. How will the awareness, understanding and multiple revelations of the past life help you lead a better life? The one important insight I gained from Shivo Sir during the entire program was that it is not important to seek solutions or remedies to everything that ails us in life. Quick fixes do not work in the long run. Seeking a sense of awareness of the pattern and issue by being in the moment or thought process is the key to dissolving it. Like Sir said, “the awareness itself is the solution.” Once we gain a heightened sense of awareness, the solution organically occurs to us. We don’t have to struggle hard or push ourselves to come up with a solution. The solution lies in our sense of oneness and awareness of the issue we grapple with. Quanto synthesis brings you closer to that sense of heightened awareness, where acknowledging the issue automatically dissolves it to clear the blocks that we struggle with. I was a quintessential solution seeker veering towards logic and solutions for every issue in my life. However, like Shivo sir says, “Only half our brain controls logic and reasoning powers. The other half is still feelings.”

The reason, as I see it with my limited novice practitioner understanding, we experience discomfort while dealing with these issues is because we do not have complete awareness or acceptance of their existence. Once that path is cleared, the gates to a more enriching and fulfilling life, where we can live our fullest potential are thrown open almost magically. We don’t need to chase solutions when there is complete awareness. The solutions come like an ethereal, illuminating light to inject into us a sense of enlightenment and profoundness related to the issue/situation we are struggling with.

Another wonderful and enriching session was observing glimpses of our animal life. During the invocation of Ma Hariti, I saw myself as an elephant in a previous life. The powerful, mighty, endlessly wise and infallible memory possessing elephant who epitomizes God and divinity itself. The cherry on cake was the phenomenal psychic animal readings we received from Mansi. They were astonishing and stunningly accurate to say the least – Insightful, visually in-depth, esoteric and layered with several deeper meanings. Many of my co-participants related deeply with the qualities of the animals they envisioned, and it was very obvious that they still held traces of that creature life in their current state of being.  

Of all the sessions I experienced my favorite was discovering our hidden potential by glimpses into the past life through invocation of Ma Saraswati. We saw ourselves as possessing multiple talents and practicing a myriad of professions that resonate with the skills, talents, innate gifts and inclinations we reveal in the present life.

For instance, in one of the lives I saw myself as a Japanese teacher teaching happy little children. And boom, for the longest time ever, I was contemplating starting my own pre-school for children. I also saw myself as a famous personality walking up the steps of a swish downtown hotel in New York, Los Angeles or London (not sure of the destination) being chased by the paparazzi, and eventually dying a lonely death. One underlying pattern that kept recurring, as also evident from the psychically gifted Preeti, was my inability to cope with success and fame (yes resonates with my current life). Indeed the patterns, events, occurrences and issues of our present life are deeply rooted in the psychic imprints left on the soul in our previous lives. Gaining an awareness of these imprints and combining it with the Quanto Synthesis  help us dissolve them gently and gradually.

One very distinct feature of regression in comparison with dreams and imagination is that in regression you actually experience yourself living through certain events, places and time periods as if your soul is being subjected to it right now, right away. You live the experience as if it is actually happening to you in the moment. Almost like 7D dreams! And once it’s over, there is unexplainable feeling of elation and catharsis. As if some heavy burden is taken off the soul. There is greater peace, calmness, freedom from sadness and cleansing. A sense of relief and emotional release replaces grief. Nothing I put down in words will do justice to the feeling. It has to be experienced and lived to be believed!

I was beyond stunned and amazed at the revelations that came forth at the Past Life Regression workshop. More so because this was my first attempt at regression. It helped me put together pieces of the puzzle that I was uncomfortably grappling with for years. Of course at this stage there is neither complete acceptance nor rejection but it is something I am definitely inspired to explore in greater depth. Having said that, each of us has our own spiritual graph, imprints and journey that will be revealed at different times. Irrespective of whether we were able to regress or not, each of us has walked back a more enriched, calm and evolved soul. I feel enveloped by a greater sense of calmness, clarity, sense of purpose and fearlessness, which was lacking when I walked in.

We also enjoyed a fun bonfire session on Saturday night, where Shivo Sir and others had us in splits with their enactment and narration of hilarious real-life instances. This was followed by a singing sessions, where we sang soulful numbers together, reminiscent probably of our connection in another time, another life, strangers yet so familiar.

I met some wonderful, like-minded people who have become friends for life (late night discussions, gup-shups over endless cups of chai, walks in the rain, plenty of laughs , never-ending debates, and the kind of sharing only close friends would engage in – the memories are still fresh). The fact that we took this deep, soul nourishing spiritual journey together has bonded us all for a lifetime, and many more! I am surprised yet not surprised considering there was definitely a link that brought us all together for this retreat.

The Past Life Regression program also helped me re-establish a lost connection with nature. Divinity is all around us – in the form flowers, leaves, insects, flowing rivers and more. We just need to tap into it to feel its magnificent spirit. Watching the river overflowing with abundance helped me realize how inextricable it is for our existence to form a divine bond with nature.

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Sandhya Bhide
Sandhya Bhide
3 years ago

Sameera! What a wonderous recap of the most amazing time I have had in the recent past!
This was my second experience of past life healing with Master Shivo. And the quality of fellow travellers does matter is such plunges that we take for self-evolution. And even though I met most of them for the first time, it really was effortless to get along.

Your recap of the 3 day session is indeed weaved so beautifully. And like you, I too discovered my animal roots in an elephant. Im following up on my discovery as an archtype of Draupadi and Chanakya too.

Quanto life is the best thing happened to me and my family. May the tribe of quantos increase!

3 years ago

Very nicely put up all the experiences, Sameera.
My experiences are very much similar to yours. Those 3 days becomes the best memories of my life. Every moment was full of thrill, intense, and full of gratitude. I experienced the volcano of energy in caves during meditation, it was very unique. I revealed so many mysteries of my past life and their effects in current life. That was totally life changing moments, tons of gratitude to Shivoji and every participant, I believe it’s due to all your energies I have regressed so much and so deep. I really believe we all have somewhere big or small connections in our past lives and that is very beautiful things to cherish.