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The Evolution Alchemist

Quanto Shivo’s path is about making quantum leaps of evolution possible. His key understanding is that cosmos longs to evolve. Since humans too are impregnated with the same cosmic possibilities, evolution is their key longing too .It means that humans want to get better in all dimensions, more intelligent, more powerful, more beautiful, more rich and what not. The spiritual path he teaches is very practical. He exhorts that as we grow spiritually from within, we should also evolve in worldly dimension. He declares world as the divine mechanism designed for our soul to evolve, through its paradoxical experiences.and challenges.

His Mission- Empowering Conscious People 

Quanto His twofold mission is to empower conscious and spiritual people for worldly success and also turn each worldly experience as an opportunity for further quantum spiritual leap. His work is very practical and spans all dimensions of life including career, money, love, sex, relationships, health, creativity etc. He firmly believes that for this world to be a better place, power and resources must shift to creative and conscious people, which are currently mostly concentrated in the hands of egoistic and manipulative people. His work is not limited to one specific tool, rather he presents a beautiful bouquet, uniting multiple practices towards human empowerment. His work is focussed on all three levels of consciousness: transforming the subconcious , connecting to the superconscious, conscious choices for action.

Creator of Quanto Life 

Quanto life is a path based on most modern scientific insights of quantum mechanics. Synthesis is the key technique, which not only takes you to the deep state of tranquility, but is also instrumental in creating miraculous breakthroughs in outer world. Hence Synthesis is process beyond meditation, designed towards inner and outer evolution, beyond the scope of meditation.With the help of synthesis, the trials and travails of the world are transformed into the experiences of soul empowerment. Some of the popular Synthesis processes include: Freedom from Sadness, Deleting the Failure Code, Abundant Living, From Fear to Love, Play your Heart Flute, Enough is Enough, Living in Gratitude.

Partner with Gods- Rekindling the Spirit of Hinduism

Establishing Devic culture as part of our day to day life may be considered as his highest contribution to humanity at this stage. He has created unique processes for invoking gods / goddesses. This is based on razor sharp  insights born out of intense personal experiences that gods/ goddess are real and they represent the cosmic reservoir of creative qualities. 

Once upon a time, these gods / goddesses were truly part of our lives and they worked in harmony with the humans to fulfill their noble objectives. However this connection was lost in low conscious times of Kaliyuga. In such dark times, Gods / goddesses merely became mythological figures and their worship became more and more ritualistic. These gods were worshiped in temples all across India, yet only very few had the real experiences of their presence. No wonder, Hinduism lost its power and glory over passage of time. 
Consequent to his own esoteric experiences with these divine entities, Quanto Shivo has been creating invocation processes. As these devic energies have become active, it causes grand breakthroughs towards accomplishing noble objectives. These invocation processes are real experiences, and not just the blind belief and rituals. These are the keys for revival and complete metamorphosis of Hinduism for it to become the guiding light of whole humanity. 
Some of the invocation processes are: Ma Laxmi- Living in Abundance, Lord Ganesha- Freedom from Obstacles, Ashwini Kumars- the Miraculous Healing, Surya Deva- Shine like the SUN, Ma Saraswati- Pearls of Wisdom, Lord Varuna- The Unconditional Love, Lord Brahma- The Creative Intelligence. These invocation processes also highly effective towards imparting freedom from negative entities like ghosts and demons.

Deva Healing- The Miraculous Touch

Quanto Shivo is a miraculous healer. He is a divine channel, through which the blessings of gods and goddesses descend to heal. He has been most effective with variety of psychological disorders like Schizophrenia, depression, insomnia, phobias, addictions etc. He also has the miraculous powers to impart freedom from negative entities. Deva healing helps to transform all negative situations from every dimension of life including money, relationship, career etc.


Energy Matrix Astrology- Blue Print of Your Soul

Quanto Shivo is also the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, a unique individualized system designed for accelerating our own evolutionary process. It helps you discover your unique potential and develop a strategy in harmony with your soul treasures. It not only multiplies the effectiveness of your life in multiple dimensions but also keeps you grounded in your soul. Hence it is a method which helps you attain success soulfully. It empowers our life by helping to make the right choices in the times, where just one wrong choice can become the cause of worst of traps in future. This method also provides highly effective remedies that are scientific and spiritual, beyond the rituals and superstitions.

Dwapara Yuga Has Arrived

After his groundbreaking research on consciousness cycles, which involved thorough review of scientific literature, historical accounts, and spiritual texts, Quanto Shivo declared that Dwapar yuga has arrived. This is in rapid contrast to popular belief that we are in not only in Kaliyuga, but also it has a long long way to go. This insight has the potential to transform the whole psyche of India and can serve to dispel the doom we experience as a nation. He has also offered deep insights into the current times because of the chaotic pace of change, social dis integration, idea economy, bursting urge for individual empowerment and global cultural unification. His radical work on astrological cycles offers a model to predict the future of nations as well as social, business and cultural trends. He has predicted that earth is currently under the influence of planet Mercury (from 1926 till 2046), a golden period for intellect, learning, freedom, consumerism, travel, individualization, ideas, technology, communication and entertainment.

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