Past Life Regression Program at Osho Saraswati Lonavla

In the midst of the lush serenity and idyllic confines of Osho Saraswati, magic happened. Yes, it was nothing short of magic what we lived and experienced as a group embarking on the past life regression journey together. The journey kick-started with scrumptious breakfast at a joint named Dadanchi Misal, where we helped ourselves to […]

Quanto Life – From Chaos to Creation

‘Chaos’ is how we can define our current reality in just one word. Every sense of order that made us feel secure seems to be vanishing. Lifelong career or business doesn’t exist anymore, it morphs at hurricane pace, which can turn anyone obsolete in quick time. Strong family bonding and lifelong marriage are no more the structures one can rely upon. Shifting gender dynamics and subsequent growing conflicts between men and women has thrown our society in such a chaos; every efforts to resolve it, seems to create even more chaos. Recently unfolding era of knowledge has pushed money to a secondary status, this has decimated our wisdom that money can solve everything and hence should be the ultimate motto of living; most of the humans have no idea of how to cope with this magnum shift. With money losing its power and status, humans can’t look at acquiring money as a sure shot way of attaining happiness anymore, and humans are again at a loss to figure out any alternates.